Gorge Kiteboarding located in Stevenson, WA
(509) 427-4474


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This summer's Photo Sessions
The Bolstad Fam
Shannon Grom Tony
360 Kite Loop Sequence Pointed Table Top
Board Grab Sequence Kite Loop 720 Tail Grab
Shannon's Railey 360 Nose Grab Tony
Shannon's Tailgrab Grom's Spray Tony
The Bolstad Fam
Carol Sam (Coming Soon) Rebecca
Carol 's Deadman Sam Rebecca
One Hand 360 Sam Natalia
Holding Shy's Kite Up Sam Natalia
Tail Grab Rebecca Natalia


Bam Bam Josh Griffiths  
Kite Loop Backwards Board Grab  
Bam Bam Photoing Josh    
After a Photo Shoot Session    
BamBam The Photo Man    
BamBam Railey    
BamBam Board Grab    


Moonlight Kiting Session
Best Kite in the Moonlight Slingshot kite with Best Kite on the Beach Slingshot Kite with Light Streaks
Kite in Moonlight    


Pixs from the Beach
Johnny Ahole Handle Pass Amerey Toe Side Stevenson Launch on a good day!
Tow Job Bucky and the Best Bus  
Ruben Shy Jumping a Hot Launch  
Ruben Handle Pass Shy's Kite Loop  


Bridge of the Gods Competition
Cabrinha Ken Kyle Tom
Tom Rene  
Amerey Phillip Board Off Sequence  
Nate Dog Kite Loop Sequence Nate Dog Railey  


Oh Shit...
Johnny Ahole's Board Off    
Shy's Kite Loop    
Nice Toe Point Shy    


Hot Tub Time Best Bus at the Tiki Bar (the morning after)  
Bucky's Ducky getting out of control at the bar    
Tiki Bar party    
Tiki Bar bartop